Saturday 20 October 2018

Khashoggi committed suicide - Story unfolds.

So khashoggi entered the consulate and started abusing Crown Prince MBS. 

Consulate workers told him: "Sir we totally respect your freedom of speech but this is not NewYork"

Before they knew it, man (Khashoggi) rose up in the air like a Master Jedi and in split of a second he delivered a flying kick as if  Bruce Lee reincarnated.

They witnessed Khashoggi trapping his one hand in a chain saw placed in the corner of the room which was left there by the gardener.

He kicks the chainsaw and traps his leg and hand too, as the consulate officials rush to set him free he starts the chainsaw while his body parts are stuck in there.

They begged him to stop and said that they will do as he say, but he starts bleeding and delivers punches, kicks into the chainsaw causing further cuts.

It was like Khashoggi VS Chainsaw.

Consulate officials asked him to have mercy on himself but he just wanted to fight with poor chainsaw and didn't listen to any help offered to him

After his hand and leg were fully trapped he decided to headbutt the chainsaw, there was blood everywhere.

Consulate workers panicked and in that panic decided to listen to music instead to calm himself, They didn't know what to do it was something so tragic that  civilized Bedouins had never witnessed in their lifetime

"We are peace loving and harmonious people, sword on our flag is only used for cutting vegetables." Counsel told.

The Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman had nothing to do with his tragedy, instead he actually sent "A-TEAM" to help Khashoggi financially and give him gifts for his wedding the next day.

"Wallahi Habibi" he said as he broke into tears narrating this story to me.
To honour the struggle and fight of Khashoggi we have even redesigned our flag.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia