Thursday, 15 November 2018

In the Land of Pure - Be a Rao Anwar, Don't be Tahir Dawar

Title of this post is what seems to be the unwritten law of Pakistan these days,  Every sane voice shall be silenced, Every critic small or big is under threat and every upright, honest officer shall be eliminated 

Recent killing of Superintendent Peshawar leaves a big question mark on so called "safe city" projects as well as the competency of administration.

This is nothing but simple case of we have two characters in law-enforcement forces and the fruit or reward you get for being a Rao Anwar or being Tahir Dawar.

Who is the winner? 

Rao Anwar or Tahir Dawar, 

Rao Anwar wins hands down - Yes. you be a uniformed goon and nobody will touch you, even the highest judge of the country will not only release you bail but unfreeze all your bank accounts and declare your house as Jail.

This is the privilege  you have for being part of mafia while being in uniform.

You're the judge, jury and executioner and even if you end up being caught red handed nothing shall be done against you.On the other hand if you're honest, upright officer who protects the locals and takes on the terrorists then you shall be made example out of.

Even your own government will refuse to comment on your death and anyone asking questions or raising voice will have their noose tightened.

The affect it will have on the morale of law-enforcement forces as well as on mind of a layman on street can be nothing but negative and to make it worse we are actively discouraging the truth seekers.

Our Government however is totally mute on this issue as it's a very "sensitive issue". Indeed it's better for all Govt officials to stay muted as they will only worsen it by rubbing salt into wounds of relatives of Tahir Dawar.

Not so long ago we had a hashtag trending on twitter  #chaudhryaslamkhan. An SSP killed in bomb attack who also was known to be a real tough cookie for the terrorists in Karachi.

But we are a nation with short term memory, we are hardly done mourning the death of first one and another catastrophe strikes 

So many deaths that all of these equate to nothing but statistics now, it's like we going numb.

In a nutshell, we are training our children not to be Tahir Dawar, or Chaudhry Aslam but to
Rao Anwar.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Khashoggi committed suicide - Story unfolds.

So khashoggi entered the consulate and started abusing Crown Prince MBS. 

Consulate workers told him: "Sir we totally respect your freedom of speech but this is not NewYork"

Before they knew it, man (Khashoggi) rose up in the air like a Master Jedi and in split of a second he delivered a flying kick as if  Bruce Lee reincarnated.

They witnessed Khashoggi trapping his one hand in a chain saw placed in the corner of the room which was left there by the gardener.

He kicks the chainsaw and traps his leg and hand too, as the consulate officials rush to set him free he starts the chainsaw while his body parts are stuck in there.

They begged him to stop and said that they will do as he say, but he starts bleeding and delivers punches, kicks into the chainsaw causing further cuts.

It was like Khashoggi VS Chainsaw.

Consulate officials asked him to have mercy on himself but he just wanted to fight with poor chainsaw and didn't listen to any help offered to him

After his hand and leg were fully trapped he decided to headbutt the chainsaw, there was blood everywhere.

Consulate workers panicked and in that panic decided to listen to music instead to calm himself, They didn't know what to do it was something so tragic that  civilized Bedouins had never witnessed in their lifetime

"We are peace loving and harmonious people, sword on our flag is only used for cutting vegetables." Counsel told.

The Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman had nothing to do with his tragedy, instead he actually sent "A-TEAM" to help Khashoggi financially and give him gifts for his wedding the next day.

"Wallahi Habibi" he said as he broke into tears narrating this story to me.
To honour the struggle and fight of Khashoggi we have even redesigned our flag.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Friday, 19 October 2018

Sane Voices to be Muzzled in Pakistan

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

This is a quote that is applicable universally during any era or reign of any ruler.

Crack down against print media,electronic media in Pakistan started with judiciary putting a ban on Altaf Hussain's speeches/statements. Right or wrong, that is a different debate altogether. 

That was first step towards a well planned and articulate crack down against voices of sanity in Pakistan

After Altaf Hussain we saw that judiciary put ban on reporting of speeches of Mian Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz. This "Muzzling of Electronic Media" before going into Elections 2018 was by no means an accident but a well planned action taken to later on achieve desired results by basically silencing head of the ruling Party and ensuring no coverage is given to them on media.

After these two incidents, it has all been downhill - Dawn Newspaper has been biggest victim so far in this onslaught of media and anchorpersons who don't necessarily bend to whim of Deep State.

Hameed Haroon appeared on Hard Talk with BBC with his reservations against the "media handling" of the Deep State especially after the Dawn Leaks Saga and how his Newspaper has not been allowed to be sold in specific part of country. 

After that a treason case was filed against Dawn Group Journalist Cyril Almeida for a news piece which later on came to be known as "Dawn Leaks"

Almeida is a strong secular writer who happens to be one of very few non-Muslim writers in Pakistan. For now Almeida's column are missing and he has been sent on a "break" since treason case was lodged against him.

What would be his fate is yet to be seen but it seems that "handlers" have decided to control the media groups by putting financial strains on them by blocking the Ad campaigns Government hands out to them.

Media houses which employee anchorpersons that have hard opinion on Govt policies are not given any Ad campaigns or any kind of Govt contracts which makes substantial part of their income thus forcing the media houses to sack such anchorpersons.

Latest victim of this assault against media in Pakistan has been Matiullah Jan sacked by Waqt News TV. In a short 3 minute statement given to UrduVOA Matiullah said "After spending 6 years with Waqt News TV and Nawai-Waqt Newspaper I have been given marching orders".

He said on UrduVOA that Ads were stopped systematically for certain media groups targeting them for their opinions and criticism of establishment due to interference in politics.

Matiullah was known for being an upright, staunch News Reporter who was known to criticize the "Deep State" and was highlighted as "Anti-State" element during a presser by DG ISPR 

On other hand it seems very coincidental that ex DG Radio Pakistan Murtaza Solangi also lost his job with Capital TV straight after he was involved in a spat with Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

We have one Journalist booked in treason case and two Journalists losing their livelihood mainly due to the strong opinion they have against involvement of establishment in political affairs.

Sadly silencing of the voices and opinons did not stop just at the Print or Broadcast Media but we have social media / twitter activists reporting threat calls made to them warning them to stop their activism on twitter.

We had case of Gul Bukhari missing for 40 hours, another case of an activist & writer AbuAleeha who was missing for many days, Activist Aadi Roy allegedly received threat calls.

All of these activists have one thing in common which is that they all seem to criticize the involvement of establishment in Political affairs.

You know that days ahead are dark and bleak when veteran Journalists like Muhammad Hanif are comparing current crack down to a dictator's era and is of an opinion that the constraints and silencing of Journalists was not this bad even in Zia's era.

Monday, 15 October 2018

پاکستانی عوام اور ٹرک کی بتی

پی ٹی آئی کو ووٹ دینے والوں میں کئی گروپ تھے

بڑا گروپ:- جو سمجھتے تھے کہ خان سائیکل پر وزیر اعظم ہاؤس جایا کرے گا

دوسرا:- جِن کو یقین تھا کہ خان خود کشی کر لے گا قرضہ بلکل نہیں لے گا

کئی اور گروپ

ایک گُروپ سمجھ رہا تھا کہ سو ارب ڈالر دنیا کے منہ پر مارے گا اور باقی سو ارب ڈالر یوتھیوں پر خرچ کرے گا۔

ایک اور گروپ تھا جو سمجھتا تھا کہ خان کی ایک کال پر بیرون ملک پاکستانی اربوں کھربوں ڈالر پاکستان بھیج دیں گے

ایک گروپ وہ بھی ہے جو آج بھی کہتا ہے کہ خان کو وقت دو ایک روپے کے دو سو ڈالر ملا کریں گے.

ایک گروپ وہ بھی تھا جو سمجھتا تھا کہ خان نے پہلے ہی اتنی شہرت اور دولت دیکھی ہے کہ اسے وزارت عظمی کا کوئی لالچ نہیں اور نہ ہی وہ کسی کے نیچے لگ کے رہے گا۔

ایک بہت بڑا گروپ بھی ہے جو سمجھتا تھا نیک نیتی(اصل میں وہ بھی نہیں تھی) کے سامنے قابلیت کوئی اہمیت نہیں رکھتی ۔۔
ایک وہ بھی تھا جو سوچتے تھے کہ خان پنجاب پولیس کوسیدھا کر دے گا-

ایک گروپ وہ بھی تھا جن کو یقین تھا کہ خان وہی کرے گا جو وہ کر رہا ہے۔
اور یہ یہی وہ گروپ ہے جسکو خان نے مایوس نہیں کیا-

اور ایک گروپ اس امید میں ہے کہ یہ قوم عظیم قوم بنے گی-

یہ سارے بغلول وہ تھے جو ہمیشہ کسی محمد بن قاسم کے انتظار میں رہتے ھیں اور سمجھتے ہیں کہ اِن کے مسائل کوئی فردِ واحد ہی حل کر سکتا ھے۔

"اسی بیمار اور خطرناک سوچ کی وجہ سے ہماری قوم ہمیشہ بڑی آسانی سے استعمال ہو جاتی ھے اور ہر دس بیس سال بعد اِسے کسی بھی نئے ٹرک کی بتی کے پیچھے لگا دیا جاتا ھے"-

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Pakistan - Growing religious Intolerance & fascism

So I came across this picture which had gone viral on Social Media. It showed somewhere in Pakistan Doctor had labelled two same type of medicines for people based on their religions.

If you were a non-Muslim in Pakistan you couldn't get the medicine from bottle marked/labelled as Muslim and I started thinking, evaluating what us Muslims have been doing over past century or so.

Are we really Muhammadan? 

Are we really following the true essence of Islam?

Islam which brought the message that A light skinned person is no better than a dark person, but it's his actions which make him better.

Well, Sadly that isn't the case.

Muslim, Islamic states are biggest fascist and racist states in the world.

One may ask how, let me explain. Anyone who has ever worked/lived in Middle Eastern / Arab countries will know how they treat immigrants.

1) No Middle Eastern / Arab country will EVER give you nationality or passport of their country, be it Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman or Qatar.

2) You cannot get passport of any  countries mentioned above even if you're born there.

3) In a nutshell there's no process of Naturalization or obtaining Nationality of these countries.

We, so happily so casually criticise the West and make sweeping statements that West is racist. 

Yet it's the West that allows Muslims to come to their countries,work, settle, bring families , practice their own religion even allow naturalization / Citizenship.

Mayor of the London (Sadiq Khan) -  is son of a Pakistan Muslim immigrant.

Now ask yourself a question, What are the chances of a Hindu being a Minister in Pakistan. Forget a Hindu being a Minister, you will get so much abuse as well as criticism for even remotely floating such idea.

We have gone so blind in our hate and religious beliefs that we even take away humane aspect out of ourselves.

Today, there is a group that even criticizes Muhammad Ali Jinnah for appointing a Hindu Jogendra Nath Mandal as Minister of Law & Labour who eventually was forced to emigrate back to India.

Jinnah's decision was to bring minorities and empower them to bring about a peaceful progressive Pakistan but Alas, that dream was in tartars from the very beginning when bureaucracy of country started to usurp power and the first step towards doing so was to question the patriotism of minorities.

Today same fascism has become a very rooted and stays at the heart of foundation of PTI . 

I will try and list only few of many incidents which took place recently exposing fascist behavior of PTI

PTI activist attacked ex-PM of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif's house in Avenfield London.

PTI activist  openly harassed Reham Khan ex wife of Imran Khan and her son trying to provoke him.

PTI has been part of a conspiracy to overthrow an elected Govt by causing lock-down in Islamabad Capital 

As a party it was narrative of PTI that it's their legal right to protest and overthrow an elected  Government.

It seems that now that PTI has formed the Govt such religious intolerance has only grown and fascist tactics have gone worse,

Firstly PTI failed miserably to show a spine against religious extremist and reversed the decision of appointment of Atif Mian as economic advisor simply due to his religious beliefs.

Lastly, PTI's Current Provincial Minister Fayyaz ul Hasan Chohan on his twitter profile stated "Adolf Hitler" as his favorite personality 

I genuinely hope that now that PTI is in power it will re-analyse it's strategy and try to work together with it's allies as well as rivals for the future of Pakistan

If strategy of PTI leaders and supporters does not sun the policy of fascism  will only create further alienation and extreme polarization in society resulting in further intolerance , blind hate which is not something we can afford at any cost.

The concept of ridiculing your opponents,name calling them, making accusations without any proofs and eventually convenient use of religion card is sending the country further deep into abyss of hate and intolerance.