Monday 1 August 2022

Loyalty - A noun widely used but never understood

What is loyalty? Probably one of the most sought-after trait or value in one's partner.

But I don't think we as a society understand the true meaning of it at all.

We want it, we desire it, yet we do not know much about it. 

What we actually seek is the enslavement of another person in name of loyalty.

Be loyal to me, do not indulge in any polygamous relationship, So effectively what we're saying is that since the dawn of time mankind has not had any loyalty whatsoever.

Being loyal to a person has a personal definition, what we desire and seek by loyalty is total submission of that person.

We desire total control over their thought process, over their mind, we want them to act as per our wish.

In a way totally erasing their identity, a submission on the level that your beloved is effectively a puppet dancing to your whims.

This is why such a definition of loyalty is nothing but a farce.

The peak of loyalty is being true to a relationship, being open & expressive of your desires as well as fears. 

Loyalty isn't suppression or devotion but loyalty is actually liberation. One who is loyal to his homeland will seek nothing but the welfare of his homeland even if that means strong criticism of the people who govern it.

Loyalty isn't about being monogamous or having one partner, that is just the social construct of society today which may change tomorrow.
One who is loyal in a relationship, won't hide or suppress but will be expressive. He/she won't shy away behind the curtains of the self-construed morality of the society but instead will share the most radical of thoughts.

There won't be any drape between two lovers when a relationship is built on loyalty.

An act of suppressing your primate instincts or thoughts cannot be labeled as loyalty but loyalty is something that will set you free.

It's like a cold breeze on a sandy beach not a stuffy afternoon in a prison cell and if being loyal makes you feel like you're actually being held back or locked up in chains.

Then call it what you may but that is anything but loyalty.

Much of what loyalty is actually open to debate & interpretation but I think we all can agree that loyalty is not a burden but it's the removal of it

It's not baggage but it's actually enlightenment.

It's fair to say that you can easily make it the whole core benchmark of your moral value or even the measure of morality.

But doesn't loyalty thus mean unmasking one's true self? being absolute bare in front of people.

After all, how can you be loyal if/when masked?

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