Monday 24 September 2018

Saudi Sponsored Famine in Yemen & Muslims in China

Authorities in China have been known for persecuting on massive scale in a clinical method against the country's Muslim minority while it invests heavily in CPEC Pakistan.

OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) is fast asleep and yet to make any statements with regards to such news but U.N Panel confronts China over reports that its holding over a Million Uighurs in concentration camps.

News like China is force feeding Muslims to drink alcohol and eat Pork in concentration Camps are coming out fast but there is no condemnation of any such news

It's shocking how anyone keeping a beard,praying,fasting in China's Northwestern region Xinjiang is being treated as a person suffering from some kind of mental illness and being detained by authorities to be taken to camps where they are forced to consume alcohol and eat pork
If they refuse to partake in such activities they are subject to solitary confinement and physical violence.

Enemy of state

They are held without charges and are considered to be "Enemy of the State" pretty much like forced disappearances happening in Pakistan.

No legal representation is allowed, No charges are brought against them as their silent persecution continues.

Long-Live CPEC

While Pakistan's new government seeks to review the CPEC , It badly fails to address the issue of persecution of Muslims at the hands of Chinese authorities. The so called Islamic state which is the only Nuclear Muslim state in the world fails to even mention the reports of incidents, let alone calling the foreign office representative of China to register a protest or concern.

While Khadim Rizvi was very keen to take it to streets against Geert Wilders , Surely force feeding Muslims pork would warrant much greater response?

Imagine the uproar on streets of Pakistan by Khadim Rizvi if any such petition to put Muslims in separate camps was even discussed by Netherlands's far right Leader Geert Wilders.

There would be mass protests across the whole Islamic Republic of Pakistan which will highly likely result in either a sit-in protest in front of the Dutch embassy if not the burning down of it.

Whether it's illegal inhumane persecution of Muslims in China, Saudi bombing of Yemen or even Genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

We somehow end up supporting the oppressor

We are always on the wrong side of history, Selling JF-17 to Myanmar & then condemning them killing Rohingyas 

We are not only silent but party to the aggression and oppression of people for the sake of dollars.

We are bunch of self righteous hypocrites. 

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