Thursday 13 September 2018

Kulsoom Nawaz - A Punjabi Iron lady!

Begum Kulsoom Nawaz's death has once again highlighted one the ugliest face of our society, the fact we have lost all moral , humane code of conduct and do not even let go of any occasion to slander our opponent even if it involves launching barrage of abuse for a woman who died fighting cancer.

The little that i remember of her from my childhood is pretty much shown in the picture above, She rose to the challenge of steering her party while her husband and rest of family were imprisoned by the dictator Parvez Musharraf.

I remember her visiting my "Mamu" Pir Binyamin Rizvi at the time he was put under house-arrest by Musharraf's regime, A very soft spoken yet an Iron Lady who was strong critic of Musharraf and gave her tough time by reorganizing the party under her leadership.

She was a truly motherly figure and a homemaker who now had to do the job of her husband while he was behind bars and was later on sent in exile.

Uncertain of the outcome of trial and allegations leveled against his husband she gathered what was left of PML(N) at the time while Chaudhrys of Gujrat jumped the ship.

But at no point she was seen hurling abuse or letting go of the grace even when the dictator was potentially preparing to hang the ex-PM (her husband)

I don't know why but whenever I saw her all it reminds me of a typical mother , a wife who was very protective of her family and kept it together till her demise.

Least she deserved was a "changed" send-off maybe? Least we could do is respect the dead. Our moral code is long dead as society that we have to stoop to the level of not sparing someone even after they die and continue with our hate speech.

As tickers went across the Pakistani TV channels we covered our ugly faces with masks and came on the telly to give our condolences to the family yet there were some of us continuing pouring out the filth of our minds and showing the kind of upbringing we had.

Social media was filled with PTI's followers/activists calling her names i would not even dread anyone calling, let alone dead.

As if doubting her illness was not bad of an act we went even lower , setting new standards of bigotry, hate and prejudices.

Biggest casualty of social media trends of Pakistan is always the decency. 
The lack of educated dialogue is shocking or should i say it was shocking initially but now i pretty much can predict what event is going to bring about what kind of "hashtag".

A nation who idolizes pseudo self righteous clowns like Hamza Ali Abbasi and Amir Liaquat really has no hope.

A very bad precedent has been set by our celebrities / prominent leaders mainly calling themselves as torch bearers of a "Change".

It seems as though we have forgotten that death is something all of us have to experience and surely none of us would want such social media campaign to be launched against our dead ones.

Least we can do is let them grieve in peace, this is very least one deserves as human being.

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